100pcs Gekvo Mylar Smell Proof Packaging Bags:


Resealable - Quality sealing strip keeps moisture and odor out. Seal can be reused many times and continue to keep the inside content dry and fresh. The bag can be heat sealed after manual seal for extra protection and storage.
Premium Quality Material - The resealable bags are made of non-toxic high-quality polyethylene material that are suitable for food storage. Expel air from the bag and seal with a household iron or hair straightener, creating a total oxygen barrier to store foods and spices.
This smell proof mylar bag is perfect for storing herbs, gummies, candy, cookies, beans, snacks, dried fruit, nuts, tea, and much more. Package includes 100 individual resealable polyethylene bags with design on front and back.
Dimensions - 12.7cm x 9.1cm x 5cm - (3.5-gram capacity).

This makes it perfect storage for foods that are 3.5 grams or below.

This will help you conserve freshness and prevent food to be exposed to oxygen that could make your fruits, foods and many more to be not fresh.
Double Design - We created a good look and colorful design for this bag on the front and backside, with no text or words on it. You can stick your label on the backside.


R929 - Delivery Included (+- 15 days)

EXPRESS = 7 to 14 days

100pcs Gekvo Mylar Smell Proof Packaging Bags