100pcs Mylar Smell Proof Packaging Bags:


  • 3.5g capacity x 100 bags
  • 3x Colours to choose from: Matt Purple, Gloss Purple and Halograhpic Purple.
  • This is a matte mylar bag with soft touch material,every touch is snug soft,makes you or your customer feel premium.
  • They created a great design for this resealable ziplock bag and print high definition pattern on both sides. The space culture makes your item stand out, and you can apply your label on it as we do not print our logo on it.
  • Size - Outside size of this stand-up pouch is 9.1cm x 12.7cm (3.5 g /bag),expand bottom size is 5.08cm. It is an Al foil baggy perfect for Herbs, food, dry nuts, cookies,snacks, dired flowers, dried fruits, candy, gummy, coffee bean, popcorn, tea and more.
  • Heat Sealable - you can heat seal this mylar baggy to achieve complete storage for your food. These bags can be sealed with an impulse sealer to extend the shelf life &storage time of any product. What’s more, you can reseal the bag many times with the strong zipper included.


R916 - Delivery Included (+- 15 days)

EXPRESS = 7 to 14 days

100pcs Mylar Smell Proof Packaging Bags