Ooze 10ml Silicone with Glass insert - Storage For Dabbing:


  • Colours available: Chamelion, Green, Red, Purple, Rasta and Aqua Teal (NOTE: some colours may be out of stock, in that case another colour will be sent). 
  • Ooze Life just dropped their latest creation, the Geode silicone glass container!
  • Can't choose between a silicone jar or a glass container to store your favorite product? Look no further we took glass containers and meshed them with the popular Silicone containers.
  • Why choose one or the other when you can have both? Be the first at your next smoke sesh to bring out this Gem of a product.
  • The Ooze Geode storage jars are in the shape of a Gemstone, the 6 sided herb container is a step up from the average round container. This is a three-piece product, it comes with an 11mL glass jar that is encased in a hexagon silicone sleeve with a silicone tight seal lid.
  • The lids to our hybrid glass silicone jars are double ridged to make sure it creates a spill-proof seal to prevent any leaking.
  • Want to show off your stash to your friends but don't want to contaminate your product? Problem solved! The Geode glass silicone jar features triangle windows on the silicone sleeve that allows you to see the products inside without having to open the lid.
  • Ooze only uses top of the line materials when making our one of a kind products. Our Geode glass silicone puck is made from medical grade platinum cured silicone with heat resistant up to 315°C!
  • The glass jar insert is made from food-grade borosilicate glass that makes it 100% non-toxic and lead-free.
  • We all know how messy glass silicone containers can get, cleaning the Ooze Geode is a breeze. There are two ways to clean it, you can remove the glass jar from the silicone sleeve and soak all three pieces in isopropyl alcohol. You can also place all three separate parts of your container in the dishwasher.
  • The easy cleaning processes allow you to refill your Geode stash containers with a brand new product as you desire.


R530 - Delivery Included

10ml Ooze Silicone with Glass insert - Storage For Dabbing