• Our Control Tablet to control your Samsung BAR led's - or any other Bar led with RJ14 ports, can control up to 200 BAR LED units, 100x on each side of the panel!


Features includes:

  1. Timer function
  2. Sunrise / Sunset function (sets of 3 - so you choose duration on how powerful the light is on 3x different stages and times till its either on full power, or when the light starts to dim when few hours before the light goes off) - Mimics the sun.
  3. Dimmer
  4. Humidity and Temp Sensor
  5. Veg and Flower rooms can be controlled separate (the Control Tablet is split into two sections on the screen. One sections if for e.g. Veg room (so different settings - and one for Flower Room - also different settings. OR if you have the Samsung BL-H700UV then you can control the Samsung diodes apart from the UV and control the UV on its own side of the Control tablet.


  • Best and easiest to use
  • 1x unit can connect up to 100x BAR LEDS per side (so total it can handle 200x units connected to one another!)
  • 6 Months Manufacturers Warranty t&c's apply

R6500 - Delivery included - ON SALE FOR ONLY R5500 (SAVE R1000!!)


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