• DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME and resources on POORLY DESIGNED trim trays that just make trimming more difficult. They have put in the time and research to design a Trimming Tray set that streamlines the process for efficiency, with a 150-MICRON fine mesh.
  • UNLIKE THE AVERAGE TRIM TRAYS for harvest, which tend to be flimsy and CHEAPLY MADE, our herb sifter is more DURABLE, and longer. They have added EXTRA GLUE to our kief screen, for SMOOTHER, TIGHTER MESH and even easier collection.
  • YOUR ALL-IN-ONE, PORTABLE TRIM TRAYS SET – Their dry sift screen set has everything you need for FAST, EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT trimming, including STRAIGHT BLADE TRIMMING SHEARS, CURVED BLADE TRIM SCISSORS, a MAGNIFYING glass card, and a small brush.
  • TRANSFORM ANY SPACE INTO A TRIM STATION! Our 17.3 x 12 x 4 inch trim tray screens and pollen sifter box set is made to sit on your lap, on a table, or anywhere you feel like trimming, with high walls to allow your ARMS TO REST COMFORTABLY.


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