Rosineer 2 in 1 Cooling Plate - 20cm x 15cm:


  • Size - 20cm x 15cm
  • Solventless Extraction Accessory: Greatly helps when working with freshly pressed extracts
  • Cools Down & Stabilizes Oil: Makes runny oil stable, preserves valuable terpenes, and improves flavor
  • When heated, the plate warms up crumbly solid concentrate and makes it pliable
  • The silicone plate cover insulates the plate, protects it and your table from scratches, works as a non-stick and easy to clean working surface
  • The plate is made from food-grade aluminum, and the cover - from food-grade silicone


R1399 - Delivery inlcuded

Rosineer 2 in 1 - 20cm x 15cm

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