The Press Club Rosin 7m Parchment Paper Roll:


Parchment Paper Roll | 23FT x 16INCHES (7m long x 41cm wide) | 1-Sided Silicone Coating | 2x Thicker Than Store Parchment | Reusable

100% Food-Grade Silicone | Organic | Terpene, Solvent & Heat Resistant | Highest Release For Easy Collection

Proprietary Paper Blend Specifically Developed To Preserve Flavor & Improve Yields

23feet (7.1m) long x 16inches (40.6cm wide) Roll


R1399 - Delivery included (Delivery takes about +- 15 to 20days)

R1600 - Delivery included (Delivery takes about (1 to 2 weeks)

All the HIGH Grade PRESSCLUB Products are shipped from USA where it is made.

The Press Club Rosin 7m Parchment Paper Roll

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