Trimming Tray Combo:


  • Upgraded version: After the product was upgraded, the rivets are completely removed, which eliminates the waste of powder stuck on the rivets,saves precious pollen and other powders, works more efficiently, and does not waste too much material. Whether you are a small-scale family business or a large-scale commercial planting, your every harvest can meet expectations.


  • Classic matching: They have specially matched two scissors tools for the customers, which are comprehensive and easy to use. In addition, there is a magnifying glass and a small brush to meet the basic needs of work.


  • Exquisite design: The non-slip rubber at the bottom of the sliding tray can enhance the stability of the tray and reduce the risk of overturning and overflow when it is placed on a table or leg. It is 50.08cm long, 33.02cm wide, and 6.35cm high. The design is based on the size of the open legs and the arm length of the human body. Whether you are sitting or working on a workbench or elsewhere, you can be very comfortable without excessive damage to the waist, elbows and other joints.


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Trimming Tray Combo

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